•  A one-time membership fee of Two Hundred Pesos (P200) shall be paid upon submission of the application for membership. This membership fee is not included in the calculation of member’s Equity Value.

•  Member should be not more than sixty five (65) years old, dependents of primary member should be at least 18 years old.

•  An application for membership in GEMBA must be filed in the prescribed form. Any willful misstatement or omission in the application that renders a person eligible for membership when his/her would otherwise be ineligible shall be sufficient cause for the cancellation of one’s membership in GEMBA. The Accumulated Equity Value shall be paid in full less unpaid fees & charges.



• Duly accomplished Application for Membership
• Three recent 1×1 I.D photo
• Photo copy of Two (2) Valid Government – issued IDs
• Certified true copy of Latest Payslip
• Certification of no Pending Administrative Case
• Certified true copy of Service Record
• Certification from personnel officer stating the following:

•  Has not filed any application for leave of absence
•  Resignation
•  Early Retirement





Membership in GEMBA takes effect on the date of approval of the application, provided that the membership fee and the first monthly contribution are paid in full and received by GEMBA.

A Membership Certificate containing the effective date of membership and a summary of benefits and excerpts of this Implementing Rules and Regulations of GEMBA shall be issued to each and every member upon approval of the application for membership.



Up-to-date payment of the monthly contribution

a. The member shall be charged monthly membership contribution to the Basic Insurance Plan the amount of Two Hundred Pesos (P200.00)

b. The fees and contributions may be adjusted by the Board of Trustees as may be necessary to maintain the funds of the Association at a level adequate to meet its benefit obligations or commitments under the benefit. Any change in the contribution or fee is subject to approval by the Insurance Commission.

c. Contributions may be paid thru Automatic Salary Deductions, direct remittance to the Association’s Office, fund transfer, check payment or in cash. If paid by fund transfer or check, contributions are considered paid on the date of deposit and if paid in cash, the date of receipt. For uncleared check, the remittance shall not be considered as contribution payments.


The member must notify the Association, in writing, of the occurrence of any of the following:

  •  Leave with Pay
  •  Leave without Pay
  •  Leave for Abroad
  •  Transfer, Resignation and Retirement
  •  Change in Civil Status
  •  Change of Address



Except for non-payment of contributions or any other grounds recognized by law and jurisprudence, GEMBA cannot contest the Membership Certificate after it has been in force during the lifetime of the member for one (1) year from its effective date or from the date of its last reinstatement.



Any member who fails to pay his/her contribution shall be given a maximum grace period of thirty one (31) calendar days from the due date within which to remit the contributions; otherwise, the Membership Certificate shall lapse, except as provided under the Member’s Equity Value provision. In case of death or dismemberment of the member during the grace period, any contribution in arrears shall automatically be deducted from any amount payable.

TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP (Retirement / Voluntary Separation)

The membership shall terminate upon the earliest occurrence of the following:  a) death of the member, b) upon resignation of the member from government service; c) upon resignation of the member from GEMBA;  d) upon withdrawal of the Equity Value of the Membership Certificate;  e) upon reaching the compulsory retirement age of sixty five (65) years old;

If membership in GEMBA is by virtue of being a dependent or relative of a member who is a government employee and the latter’s membership in GEMBA terminates for whatever reason, the dependent or relative’s membership likewise terminates and the accumulated Equity Value shall be paid in full less unpaid fees & charges

Termination of coverage shall be without prejudice to any claim arising prior to such termination.

Requirement for Termination of Membership

 Duly accomplished the following Forms:


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