Basic Insurance Plan

Life Insurance Benefit

Upon death of a member, whether due to natural cause or accident, the designated beneficiary/ies will be indemnified an amount equal to Life Insurance Benefit as shown in the Table of Benefits below.

    • NATURAL DEATH is defined as loss of life resulting from natural cause such as sickness, disease, bacterial and viral infection.
      It is understood upon death of the member, his/her Membership Certificate is automatically terminated.

In the event of death upon submission of proofs of death, GEMBA shall pay the designated Beneficiary, the amount of Burial Assistance Benefit as stated in the Table of Benefits.



Upon death or dismemberment of a member due to accident, the member or the designated beneficiary/ies as the case may be, will be indemnified in accordance with the Table of Benefits below. 

  • ACCIDENTAL DEATH shall mean death as a result, directly, independently and exclusively of all other causes of bodily injury effected solely by external, violent and accidental means where, except in the case of drowning or of internal injury revealed by autopsy if it is not forbidden by law, there is evidence of a visible contusion or wound on the exterior of the body occurring within one hundred (180) days from the date of such injury. 
  • ACCIDENTAL DISMEMBERMENT is loss of certain body members as a result, directly, independently, and exclusively of all other causes, of bodily injury effected solely by external, violent, and accidental means and occurring within one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of such injury.


                            TABLE OF BENEFITS
Life Insurance Benefit                         

Accidental Death Benefit

Burial Assistance Benefit

P 100,000

P 100,000


Accidental Dismemberment Benefit See Table below


Due to natural death – declared beneficiary/ies will get the following:

Life Insurance Benefit                      P 100, 000.00

Burial Assistance Benefit                 10, 000.00

Grand Total                                      P 110,000.00

Due to accidental death – declared beneficiary/ies will get:


Life Insurance Benefit                      P 100, 000.00

Accidental Death Benefit                   100, 000.00

Burial Assistance Benefit                       10, 000.00

Grand Total                                      P 210, 000.00


Table of Accidental Dismemberment Benefits

Description Amount of Benefit
Loss of Both Hands
Loss of Both Feet
Loss of One Hand and One Foot P 100, 000.00
Loss of Sight of Both Eyes
Loss of One Hand and Sight of One Eye
Loss of One Foot and Sight of One Eye

Loss of Sight of One Eye

Loss of One Hand P 50, 000.00
Loss of One Foot

Loss of hands or feet shall mean loss by at or above the wrist or ankle joint, and loss of sight shall mean total and irrecoverable loss of sight.

In any policy year, the total benefits payable in respect of any one accident resulting in loss (es) within 180 days from the date of accident(s) shall be the principal sum (e.g. loss of life, loss of both hands and feet, loss of sight of both eyes and either hand or foot, etc. The aggregate benefit payable under this section in respect of any one accident resulting in losses within 180 days from the date of accident shall not exceed the life insurance benefit.

The amount of benefits payable in any subsequent accident involving the Insured shall not be reduced by any amount paid in the previous accident(s).

However dismemberment benefits are not cumulative. If for example the insured suffers the accidental loss of sight of one eye in one accident and then loses the sight of the other eye in second accident, the benefit payable for the loss sustained in the second accident will be only one half of the Life Insurance Benefit.

The payment of the Life Insurance Benefit as dismemberment benefits shall not terminate the coverage in so far is accidental death benefit is concerned.

The contract shall terminate in the event of accidental death as provided therein or upon its expiry.



To maintain a low contribution rate and to safeguard the solvency of GEMBA, GEMBA is not liable for natural deaths occurring during the first year of membership or within one year from the date of last reinstatement if caused by pre- existing condition. Pre-existing condition is defined as a condition for which the member has received treatment or advice for treatment or has been taking medication during the twelve (12) month period prior to the effective date of the Membership Certificate or during the twelve (12) month period from the date of last reinstatement.



No payment will be made under this section if the accidental death or dismemberment of the member resulted from:

    • a. Self-destruction or self-inflicted injury, whether sane or insane;
    • b. Injury (a) intentionally inflicted by another person due to provocation by the member; (b)sustained while rendering military, paramilitary, naval, police, firefighting, or
    • aviation service; (c) sustained in any riot, civil commotion, strike, rally, war whether or not declared, or in any hostile action by a foreign power; (d) sustained in connection with, as a result of, arising from committing any felony or violation of the law or ordinance
    • c. Murder; Provoked assault;
    • d. Atomic energy explosion  of any nature;
    • e. Intoxication or under the influence of any narcotic unless consumed upon the advice of a registered medical doctor;
    • f. Bacterial infection, other than infection occurring as a result of accidental injury.



GEMBA shall not be liable if the member commits suicide within one (1) year from the effective date or date of last reinstatement of his/her Membership Certificate, in which case the liability of GEMBA will be limited to the return of all paid contributions. However, suicide committed in the state of insanity will be compensable regardless of the date of commission.



When a member dies or suffers dismemberment, the member or the beneficiary shall notify GEMBA of such death or dismemberment stating the full name and address of the member, the cause of death or dismemberment, the date of death or accidental injury, and the address and full name(s) of the beneficiary/ies.

The member or the beneficiary must fill-out the prescribed claims form.

The notice of claim should be filed within six (6) months from death or accidental injury. The claim shall be accompanied by the following documents:

    • a. Certified copy of death certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority;
    • b. In case of accidental dismemberment, certification by a registered medical doctor;
    • c. Original Membership Certificate with GEMBA;
    • d. Membership I.D.;
    • e. Special power of Attorney if the claimant is a person other than the designated beneficiary.

Failure to give notice and proof within six (6) months, will not invalidate nor diminish the claim if it is shown that it was not reasonably possible to give such notice or proof, and that they were filed with GEMBA as soon as reasonably possible.


The Membership Certificate is not transferable.



All claims filed must be settled within ten (10) working days upon receipt of complete documents by GEMBA.


Where there are no surviving beneficiaries at the time of death of the member, the benefit shall be paid to the legal heirs in the following order of priority:

      • i. Surviving spouse and children to be shared equally;
      • ii. The surviving parents;
      • ii. In the absence of (i) and (ii) above,
        Surviving brothers and sisters in equal shares.

As a general rule, the death benefits shall be paid to the surviving primary beneficiaries. If there are no surviving primary beneficiaries, the benefit is paid to the surviving secondary beneficiaries. However, a duly notarized written waiver of a primary beneficiary or of a secondary beneficiary, or a Special Power of Attorney, in favor of another primary or secondary beneficiary will entitle such beneficiary to the benefit so waived.

The right to change the beneficiaries is reserved to every member of GEMBA, who may, at any time, designate a new beneficiary/ies.  Such request for change of beneficiaries, must be in writing, signed by the member under oath and submitted to GEMBA’s office.



    •  Upon natural or accidental death of the member, his/her beneficiaries shall be granted the amount of the death benefits due, after complying with all the necessary requirements.
    • Upon accidental dismemberment of the member, he/she shall be granted the amount of benefit based on the “Table of Accidental Dismemberment Benefits” stated above upon compliance of all necessary requirements.

All unpaid obligations of the member to GEMBA, such as outstanding loans, unpaid fees and contributions, and the like, shall be deducted from the benefits due.  All other unpaid obligations of the member to a third party or institution which have no relationship with GEMBA shall not be deducted from the benefit due without prior approval by the member or his beneficiaries and the Board.



This represents the fifty percent (50%) of the monthly contributions collected from the member. The Equity Value is payable upon death, dismemberment that entails payment equal to the Accidental Death Benefit and termination of membership with GEMBA. Interest shall be credited to the member’s Equity Value at a rate to be determined once a year by the Board of Trustees but in no case shall not be less than the interest on Savings Accounts by the top three (3) Commercial Banks in the country.



 At any time after a member’s Equity Value becomes available, the member may obtain a loan on thesole security of the Membership Certificate. The loan shall not exceed the member’s Equity Value.   The loan, together with interest, is payable on or before due date. If the loan has not been paid after the due date, the loan and interest shall be charged at the rate in effect at that time. All loans and interest thereon are deducted from any amount payable by GEMBA.

If the Membership Certificate of a member shall have accumulated Equity Value, any contribution that remains unpaid after the applicable grace period shall be automatically paid as a certificate loan using the accumulated Equity Value and his membership shall continue to be in force. However, when the remaining Equity Value is no longer sufficient to cover the monthly contribution, the Membership Certificate will remain in force only for that proportion of month of a year which the Equity Value bears to the monthly contribution.



A member may voluntarily contribute a monthly sum of Two Hundred Pesos (P 200.00) (subject to policies of GEMBA) that earns Interest annually to be credited to the members ledger account once a year but in no case shall not be less than the interest rate on Savings Accounts by the top three (3) Commercial Banks in the country.

The accumulated contributions together with the interest less any unpaid fees and charges are payable upon termination of membership.


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